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Recent Tools

You can check the tools below. These tools are recently developed. You can also use the search box to type your query. In case, you do not find a tool on E07.net, please contact me, I will try my best to create one. However, hundreds tools are already here to help you automate some of works that you do frequently.

Remove Duplicate Lines from Text or Text Files

You can use this tool to remove duplicate lines from text or a txt file. It is very simple to use. Just copy the text and paste into the form. After pasting the text, please click on the Remove Duplicate Lines button; you will see a list of unique lines. Read more...

Change Case

This tool is for changing case of letters. Please use the above form to enter your text and click on the appropriate button to change case of your text. As soon as it finishes changing cases of your text, you can download in a text file or copy-paste the text Read more...