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Text to Speech Converter

Enter the text (up to 5000 characters)

Please use the form to convert text into voice. This software has been developed considering all the common punctuations to give you the best voice experience.

The text to voice converter is free to use, I do not charge any fee for the service. However, it is requested to use fairly, only when you need it.

At present, the text limit is up to 5000 characters. This limit can be modified in future to give you the best possible outcome.


The input form accepts up to 5,000 characters. If you try to copy paste text, which is more than 5,000 characters then the form will only accept the first 5,000 characters. Beyond the 5000 characters, the text will automatically be deleted.

Buttons – you will be able to see four buttons such as Submit, Download, Play Audio and Pause Audio. The name of each button tells its purpose so no need to explain. The download button will give you .mp3 file that you can save in your system for the later use.

Voice – after the text is converted into voice; you will be able to hear a female voice. Of course, the voice is realistic and natural, which is far better than the robotic sounds. At present, the software has just one voice so you do not have the option to choose different voices. However, I plan to add more voices in future.

Conversion Speed – the speed is fast for the 5,000 characters. Well, speed was the main concern to limit the characters. Otherwise, I would have allowed more characters to converter large text file.

Input – you can use the form displayed above to enter the text. The form has appropriate height and width that will facilitate easy operation on all devices. In future, I will add a feature to upload a text file also.

Simple to Use

On the web, you will be able to find countless such tools. Most of them are very difficult to understand because they have too many unnecessary buttons and other features. This tool is simple to use. It has just few buttons such as Submit, Download, Play and Pause.

File Storage

The .mp3 file is stored for few hours. After few hours, the file is automatically deleted from the server. I do not store users’ data. In case, you need to use the audio file (.mp3), please save it in your system as soon as possible.

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