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Remove Duplicate Lines from Text or Text Files

Optional Sort: ASC DESC Natural Case Shuffle

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Optional Sort: ASC DESC Natural Case Shuffle

You can use this tool to remove duplicate lines from text or a txt file. It is very simple to use. Just copy the text and paste into the form. After pasting the text, please click on the Remove Duplicate Lines button; you will see a list of unique lines. In case, the text is in a .txt file, you can upload the file and all the duplicate lines will instantly be removed.

Currently, the duplicate line removal tool is set to allow up to 1MB data. I can say that the 1MB capacity is huge because you will be able to remove duplicate lines from a large .txt file within few seconds. However, I plan to increase the limit in future based on users’ suggestions.


Remove Duplicate Lines – to submit the text, you need to click on the Remove Duplicate Lines button. Just after clicking on the button, you will see a Copy to Clipboard button. You need to click on this button to copy the unique lines. In fact, it is very simple to use.

Upload a .txt file – the tool allows you to upload a .txt file. You can use this feature to upload a .txt file in the size of up to 1 MB. After choosing the .txt file, please click on the Download File button to save the file in your system. This file contains only unique lines because all the duplicate lines are removed when you clicked on the Download File button.

Sort – the sort feature is optional. Using this feature, you will be able to sort unique lines in different orders such as ascending, descending, natural, case and shuffle. Please use these sorting features based on your requirements.

File Upload Limitations – basically two limitations are set. These limitations are type of file and size of file. According to the file upload limitation, you will only be able to upload a .txt file and the .txt file should be within 1 MB size. In case, you try to upload a file other than the .txt file, you will not be able to upload that file.

In case, you need to use a large file, which is larger than one MB, please contact me. I may have a solution to process a large file based on some conditions. Please let me know if you encounter any issues. This will help me improve this tool. I welcome your suggestions.

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