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Extract Email Addresses from Text

Enter the text (up to 200k characters)

How to Use

To extract emails from content, please use this tool. You just need to copy text and paste in the form displayed above. Of course, you can copy content from anywhere such as webpages, files and other sources.

The email extractor is free to use. There is no restriction from the software creator. More importantly, you can paste up to 200K characters in one go. You should know that the 200K character limit is huge. Of course, it will be a great time saver for people who are looking for a way to extract emails from texts. 

Unique Emails

The software gives you only unique emails so you do not have to worry of duplicate emails. The output you get from this little tool is filtered to give you unique email addresses.

We Do Not Store Emails

You do not have to worry of such things because we do not have access to the extracted email addresses. Users paste the content in the form and they get a list of emails. We do not interfere users’ data. 

Very Simple to Use

People like to use a simple tool because it is easy to understand. So, to meet the demand; this tool has been created. We checked many email extraction tools available on the internet. Most of them are very complicated. A common user will not be able to understand the features very well. That is why; this software is developed.

To use this tool, one just needs to paste the content in the form. After the content is pasted, please click on the Extract Emails button to get a list of valid and unique emails. In case, you have more than 200,000 characters then you can perform the same procedure many times. Of course, you have to keep saving the email addresses in a separate file such as .txt or .xlsx or other files.

Fair Usage

It is requested to use the tool only when you need it. Please do not use it unnecessarily. If many users access the tool at the same time then it would create loads on the server so it may work slowly. That is why it is requested to use it fairly. In addition, if the program detects unfair usage of this tool then it may restrict the user for few minutes.

Feedback - Please contact me if you have any questions and suggestions. Personally, I believe that there is more room for the improvement so I am working for the improvement. To improve this tool, your feedback is very crucial to me.

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