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About Character, Word, Line Counter

You can use this little tool to count characters, words and lines in text or text file. It allows two input methods such as copy/paste and uploading a .txt file. You can use a method as per your requirement.

The character or word counter has been developed to simplify the character counting works. It is very simple to use. Most importantly, it is a browser-based tool so you can easily access it anywhere, on any devices. The software does not require any type of installation, just browse it in your favorite browser and it will start working.

Easy to Use

Many such tools already exist but most of them are difficult to understand. They have too many annoying advertisements that make the actual work slower than normal. With this tool, which is being offered by E07.net, you will not encounter such difficulties. It is fast, easy to understand and with minimum advertisement.

File Storage

User uploaded files go to a temporary directory on a Linux server. Since the files are in temporary directory, so they are being cleared timely depending on the load. In short, the user-uploaded files remain just for few minutes. After that, they are deleted from the server. So, what I want to say that I do not store any type of users’ data. In case, you are not comfortable with uploading the file, please copy/paste the data in the form shown above.

Programming Languages Used to Develop This Tool

The character counter software is developed in PHP, HTML, CSS and Java languages. Well, these popular programming languages facilitate to build such browser-based tools. Of course, to learn them, I had to take help of several developer communities. One of them is StackOverflow.com that is very popular and supportive to its users. To build this tool, I got inspiration from MS Word. You will also be able to count characters, words, and lines etc. using Microsoft Word as well. The main thing about this tool is that it can easily be accessed in a browser.


The simple to use tool has just few buttons. You can click on the submit button to submit the content. After submitting the content, the result is displayed in the same input form. In fact, the result is displayed at two places such as the input form and above the input form. The result location is same for both file and copy/paste data.

Apart from submit button, it has two more buttons such as Choose File and Upload File. These buttons are for counting characters using a .txt file. Of course, you can copy the content from your file and paste into the form as well. It all depends on your preference.

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